24th Oct 2018

In the run up to GIS Day 2018, we discuss how the popular gaming app Pokemon Go put GIS and Augmented Reality (AR) on the map, and the future of these applications beyond the gaming industry

12th Oct 2018

We are currently underway as environmental advisor for a Local Authority, creating and maintaining a Part 2a regulatory prioritisation strategy. Here we discuss how the prioritisation list was successfully created using GIS.

4th Oct 2018

GIS has become increasingly used across every industry, most notably the built environment. You may have come across it in every day life, but what is it? And how can it be used?

1st Oct 2018

With over half of all species in the UK diminishing, we examine the growing concern surrounding the state of British wildlife and the improvements we can make in protecting and enhancing the natural environment. 

27th Sep 2018

Follow our latest blog series as part of World GIS day 2018 to find out what GIS is, how it is applied in everyday life and how it is changing the way we use technology, data and analytics. 


19th Sep 2018

The recently revised NPPF addresses a new approach to deliver the government’s ambition to build 300,000 homes a year. While housing applications on green belt land continue to increase, we address the environmental risk and controversy of the increasing pressure to build homes. 


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