4th Feb 2013

With the world’s population now at 7 billion, and with an additional 9 billion people projected to be living on Earth by 2050, food and water shortages are a major global concern. It is estimated that already 900 million people go hungry and a further two million are malnourished globally; consideration the impacts of climate change on agricultural production and an extra two billion mouths to feed in the relatively future, these statistics are concerning.

31st Jan 2013

The Lake District National Park has begun to implement the £6.9 million travel scheme that was announced in April to encourage visitors to the area to use environmentally friendly transport alternatives.

28th Jan 2013

Having come 99th last year out of 110+ teams at the Bloomberg mile relays, Chris T invited me to lead the charge to improve on that lowly position in the 2012 version. The added incentive of Landmark putting in a team was sufficient stimulus for me to get involved. Team selection was to be split between Argyll staff and Argyll clients. Argyll were going to use the event to interact and help develop relationships with clients which is a very important aspect of business in the current economic climate.

glasses of beer
24th Jan 2013

Bitter disappointment engulfed the Argyll offices recently when the local pub was closed for refurbishment. However, soon after closing rumours were fierce as to what the new look would be. Much to everyone’s excitement on our first Friday evening visit we were greeted by a bright and airy room, with a comfortable feel and a plethora of pumps boasting ales and lagers from across the region.

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